In 2012, the Eastern Townships Resource Centre celebrated its 30th anniversary. The following constitutes some of its significant milestones.

The ETRC changed its name to Eastern Townships Resource Centre to reflect its transformation from a research base to a resource centre. Its new mission is threefold: providing materials and infrastructure for knowledge transfer between academics and the community; acting as a resource centre on the Eastern Townships as well as preserving and promoting the region’s riche and colourful heritage through its archival collections; and, functioning as a focal point for community service and community-based learning.

The Eastern Townships Resource Centre renewed its visual signature and website.

From 1982 to 2008, the ETRC supported over 100 research projects by Bishop's University faculty members, administered close to $300,000 in research funding and provided research facilities for scholars from around the world. The research covered such fields as art and architectural history, business, education, environmental studies, geography, heritage preservation, history, psychology, sociology, and women's studies. Funding from SSHRC under its Aid to Small Universities Program ended in 2008.

The Canadian Historical Association awarded the Eastern Townships Research Centre the 2002 CLIO Award for the region of Quebec. The Clio Award recognized the ETRC for its exceptional contributions to local research, culture and heritage.

The Eastern Townships Collection of the Bishop's University Library, together with the ETRC Archivist and the Bishop's Archivist, were relocated to the newly renovated Old Library in McGreer Hall, providing an ideal venue for library and archival research on the Eastern Townships.

The semi-annual, bilingual, peer-reviewed Journal of Eastern Townships Studies/Revue d’études des Cantons-de-l’Est (JETS/RECE) was first published under the editorship of Jonathan Rittenhouse.

Accreditation was received from the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and Sylvie Côté became the ETRC's first Archivist.

The ETRC’s proposal to SSHRC included the creation of an Archives Department.

The Eastern Townships Research Centre (ETRC) was created by faculty members at Bishop’s University to stimulate and encourage original research on the Eastern Townships, to unify the various collections of Eastern Townships' material already housed in the Bishop's Library, and to improve communications with existing historical societies in the Eastern Townships.

Starting in 1982, the ETRC received annual funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) under its Aid to Small Universities program.

Under the supervision of a steering committee chaired by Dr. Robin Burns, the ETRC hired its first Coordinator, Andrée Chartrand-Turgeon.

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