Who We Are

The Eastern Townships Resource Centre (ETRC) is a resource centre for the study of the Eastern Townships with a special focus on the English-speaking community. The ETRC was originally founded in 1982 by faculty members at Bishop’s University to further multidisciplinary research on the Eastern Townships through funding regional and community-based research projects, disseminating scholarly work in its own journal-Journal of the Eastern Townships Studies/Revue d’études des Cantons-de-l’Est (JETS/RECE), holding conferences and speaker forums, preserving archival collections and organizing exhibitions. Its original name Eastern Townships Research Centre reflected this academic oriented focus.

Did you know?

The ETRC Archives Department has over 52 000 photographs and postcards in its collection.
The photographs cover a wide variety of subjects and places. To explore some of our collection, go to Online Sources in the Archives Department section.


Laura Perras
From the interview for The Record, August 7, 2009, p. 5

“[Laura] Perras chose to pursue the ETRC internship opportunity due not only to her interest in heritage conservation, but also as a result of her family’s roots in Quebec. ‘Even though I grew up in the States, there are many elements of French-Canadian culture in my day-to-day family life,’ Perras says. ‘This whole summer has been about discovery.’ […] As Perras chose the Eastern Townships, so did the ETRC chose her – Perras had to apply for the internship, which includes an honorarium from SUNY Plattsburgh and a room on the BU campus. The internship agreement [between SUNY Plattsburgh and Bishop’s] came into effect in the summer of 2008 and Perras is a fan. ‘It’s been a very good experience for me. What the ETRC does is incredibly important, and continuing this internship program is too.’”