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Originaire des Cantons-de-l’Est, j’ai été élevé dans une ferme laitière près de Lennoxville. Toujours intéressé par l’histoire de la région, j’ai obtenu mon baccalauréat de l’Université Bishop’s et j’ai poursuivi des études en histoire à l’Université de Sherbrooke. J’ai travaillé avec des organismes du patrimoine dans les Cantons-de-l’Est, notamment le Musée Colby-Curtis, la Compton County Historical Museum Society et j’ai servi comme archiviste au Centre de ressources pour l’étude des Cantons-de-l’Est. À partir de 2006, je publie des articles sur l’histoire, les gens et la culture des townships – en essayant de faire connaître notre belle région et son riche patrimoine.

Derniers articles

A Business and Professional Women’s Club rally held in North Hatley, 1939 (P226/002 Business and Professional Women's Club of Sherbrooke fonds)

The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Sherbrooke

12 mars , 2019

In 1930, most Canadian women had had the right to vote in federal elections for nine years but it would still be another ten years before they would achieve that right in Quebec provincial elections. …

View of the Slack greenhouse in Waterloo, 1909 (P058 H.R. Derick collection)

The king of the mushroom: Slack Brothers of Waterloo

15 janvier , 2019

It’s cold outside.  All plant life is covered in centimetres of the white stuff and our hopes of fresh garden vegetables are months away.  In this cold-weather season, don’t you just crave a good, fresh…

Illustration by Coburn for Christmas in French Canada, “V’la l’bon vent! V’la l’joli vent”

Depicting Christmas folk tales with illustrations by Frederick S. Coburn

18 décembre , 2018

Hills covered with snow, a sled carrying logs pulled by a team of horses.  These are among the most-remembered subjects of Townships painter Frederick S. Coburn (1871-1960), who spent much of his life in Melbourne. …

Unknown young woman, photograph from the Wilkinson Bros Studio in Cookshire, ca. 1930s

Every picture tells a story: help us tell more stories

5 octobre , 2018

“A photograph is worth a thousand words.”  This idiom certainly rings true when it comes to some photographs.  And while other photographs might not hold the weight of a thousand words, many are still able…

Main Street in Bedford, ca. 1910s, a place that Delbert visited often.

The Curious Case of the Unnamed Diaries

2 août , 2018

Old diaries can be delightful windows onto the past, with descriptions of the day-to-day activities of a bygone era.  They can also be useful tools for researchers, providing key data needed for their analyses, such…

A portion of the Beebe Subdivision railbed shortly before the removal of rails and ties, ca. 1992.

From Rail to Trail: Sentiers Massawippi and the struggle for a recreational nature path

4 juillet , 2018

On a cold and wet September morning in 1990, 60 runners gathered at Bishop’s University for a five and 12 kilometer race to raise funds for a feasibility study on the possible conversion of the…