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New Quebec Government Funding for Quebec’s English-speaking communities

Eastern Townships Resource Centre Partners in Innovative Quebec Funding Program

Excellent news for Quebec’s English-speaking communities and the Eastern Townships Resource Centre at Bishop’s University. The Secretariat for relations with English-speaking Quebecers has awarded a $950,000 grant to the Quebec English-speaking Communities Research Network (QUESCREN). The program will enhance government representation of Quebec’s English-speaking communities and contribute increased funding for key organizations across the province, including the Eastern Townships Resource Centre (ETRC) at Bishop’s University.

Kathleen Weil, Minister responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions and Minister responsible for Relations with English-Speaking Quebecers, announced the funding yesterday morning during a press conference at Concordia University. The grant aims to support the vitality of Quebec’s English-speaking communities through new research, conferences, and outreach activities that connect educators, students, artists, community organizations, and the provincial government. Over a two-year period the Eastern Townships Resource Centre at Bishop’s University will receive $60,000. With this grant, the ETRC will increase funding of student internships and research, take further initiatives to preserve the Eastern Townships’ unique history by strengthening the ETRC’s archival base, and explore innovative ways to share with others the region’s heritage and the contribution of English-speaking Quebecers.

This initiative fits with the ETRC and Bishop’s University’s goals to improve our outreach to surrounding communities, to assist them in meeting new challenges, and also to ensure a broader understanding of the rich heritage and remarkable contribution to Quebec society of the Eastern Townships English-speaking communities.

Dr. Gordon Barker
President Eastern Townships Resource Centre

As a unique archival and research organization, the ETRC strengthens ties between Bishop’s University and its surrounding communities. The ETRC works with educators, students, and members of community groups to advance the knowledge and understanding of the Eastern Townships. The ETRC partners with institutions in Quebec and elsewhere to advance research and provide a forum for academic and community discussions.