About our collection

Acquisition Policy


The Archives Department collects and makes available various private archival fonds and collections that show the development of the Eastern Townships and its English-speaking communities from the beginning of colonization. We are committed to conserving our archival materials and making them available for research.

Acquisition Policy

We acquire private archives whatever their nature or their format, such as architectural, cartographic, graphic and computer documents, moving images and sound recordings, manuscripts, multimedia ensembles, and microforms.

Please note that the Archives Department does not seek to acquire publications or artefacts. However, for a particular fonds or collection, we may keep the publications of the person or corporate body responsible for the creation of the material, the ones that are autographed by someone of significance, those that are annotated and also some significant objects, such as medals, plaques or other mementos. Every effort will be made to transfer the artefacts that would not be kept by the Archives Department to another institution.

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