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The Eastern Townships Resource Centre (ETRC) seeks to preserve and promote the history of the Eastern Townships of Quebec; to that end, we are pleased to provide support and assistance to those interested in learning more about our local heritage. Requests conducted by the Archivist requiring approx. 15 minutes or less are free of charge, requests requiring more than 15 minutes may be arranged with the Archivist. Please complete the form below to make a request for more in-depth research.

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    Duration of the research

    Research services are offered at a rate of $30.00 CAD per hour. The research will be deemed complete at the following moment:

    When the researching archivist deems all research avenues exhaustedHaving reached a predetermined number of hours* (please specify below)

    Additional fees

    Research in external, fee-based sources may incur additional fees. For example, use of the Registre foncier du Québec for researching property ownership history. The client:

    does not authorize research in external, fee-based sources;authorizes the researching archivist to incur fees within the following budget* (please specify below)

    Please note that while the ETRC strives to provide detailed and accurate information to the public, we are limited by the subject matter, the sources available to us, the time allotted to the research, and the degree of specificity provided with the request. Additional fees apply for reproductions of archival and/or published materials. Results of research are sent only after receipt of payment.